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WIN-PRES Préstechnika Ipari Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft.

8200 Veszprém
Csererdő 8711. hrsz.

Tel: +36-88-561-458
Fax: +36-88-561-459
E-mail: titkarsag@win-pres.hu

What we offer our present and future customers

High-level professional skill, decennial manufacturing practice on the field of parts production, cold-forming, sheet metal technologies, welding, assembly technologies.
  • engineers’ support, application of CAD-CAM systems
  • support, professional and effective operation of production means, tools possessed by customers
  • certified quality and environment directing system
  • we offer wide range of possibilities on the field of stamping, sheet metal and cold forming
  • most effective utilization of technical and intellectual capacities
  • wide range of different technical loan-works
  • mechanical measurements

Our main customers

Multinational car factories, producers of main and other automotive parts, and other mechanical and instrumental companies, for example:
  • PMP PAL s.r.o.
  • COMSTAR Automotive Ltd.
  • MITSUBA Automotive Systems of Europe Kft.
  • VISTEON Hungary Kft.
  • SCANFIL Magyarország Kft.
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